when a suburban isn't big enough for the whole family

count 'em. there's eleven stick figures plus 2 pets. i sure hope they're not all crammed inside that chevy, or they're risking a serious ticket.

my sister chelsea and i caught a glimpse of this classically utah car after spending a weekend at home in the ghetto of albuqu-crazy with my mom and two other sisters. i was laughing out loud and reminded chelsea that we weren't in kansas-er-new mexico any more. is it terrible that the only thing i could think about--besides how ridiculous that many vinyl stickies on the back of a windshield looks--was the poor mother being pregnant that many times?


kaitlyn said...

they need a reality show. jk.

CRAZY. i couldn't handle it and can't imagine wanting to.

Yancey Family said...

that's hilarious. how does one afford all those kids and an expensive suburban to fit them all in?

C, J, and T said...


Stephanie said...

That's insane. I have a friend from college who has 7 kids now and is expecting twins!! Yeah, that's crazy to me. Her oldest just turned 13.