today's the big day!

chris and i are heading down to utah county in a couple hours for the bijou market.  i'm so nervous!  i've been preparing all week to get things looking fabulous and ready to sell. here a couple pictures i took of all my hard work.  i have three wishes for today:

  1. that people like my frames/earrings--but mostly my frames. 
  2. that people like my frames/earrings enough to buy them
  3. that i have enough frames/earrings to last through the day
i was thinking of a cool way to display my earrings, i remembered a couple of the displays i saw at the Beehive Bazaar a few months ago that used a frame and wire or framed corkboard.  i picked this frame up at DI for $5 {i think it was a dejected chapel piece of art, there was a standard churchy photo in there} added a few coats of bubblegum pink paint and chris strung the wire across.  i bought mini clothespins that i'm going to use to hang my earrings with.  i hope it turns out cute.


Yancey Family said...

good luck! your stuff looks amazing! i wish i could come but we already have plans.

The Horners! said...

I love your frames! They are so cute. It looks like a lot of hard work and time went into them! I hope you don't come back with any! GOOD LUCK!

Jill Kaufusi said...

How did the market go? I'm so sad I wasn't able to make it yesterday. I am even more sad to know that Chris was there with you and I could have visited with both of you.

kaitlyn said...

how was it???? let me know! i am way excited for you!

mckenzie said...

looks cute from this end. i wish i was there to come see all your items fly off the booth. good luck!

Quinn, Alexis, and Jayden Brown said...

good luck girl. wish i was there.