i'm so happy to report that chris is alive and well and living it up in ghana. he called me yesterday afternoon and we talked for a bit. it was so good to hear his voice though he's only been gone since tuesday morning! i'm excited because it looks as though we will get to talk at least for a minute every day or every other day. i was expecting once a week! so that was great news. anyway, he told me they had a ghanaian pick them up from the airport and the car broke down 10 minutes outside of accra so the 10 hour car journey ended up being more like 14 hours. he said it's hot and humid there and very very poverty stricken. that's all the news for now, hopefully more later!


Dave and Nat said...

I am glad he is safe. Let me know if you ever need a friend to hang out with while he is gone :) I feel like it's been way too long since we saw each other!!!

Megan said...

Can you believe all that they are up to? It's crazy and cool all at the same time. How are you holding up?

Quinn, Alexis, and Jayden Brown said...

i thought you were going with him. Off topic, but are we going to see you guys this summer or what?!