absolutely delightful

oh my oh my. i've kind of fallen in love with this little place called red mango. they sell all natural frozen yogurt... sans sugar and flavoring and anything artificial... and top it with fresh goodness. if it wasn't so darn expensive and so far away, i'm pretty sure i'd be tempted to buy it every day. however, i may be cured {or cursed} from my little love affair. while surfing the net the other day i found a recipe for red mango frozen yogurt. i printed the recipe and gathered all the necessary supplies and attempted--somewhat timidly--to recreate the yummy treat. let me just say it was an amazing success. not only was it good {i'm pretty sure i could have polished off the entire batch myself} it tasted EXACTLY like the red mango frozen yogurt for 1/3 of the price. pretty neat-o if you ask me.

{here it is in all it's frozen yummy goodness... topped with strawberries and mini choco chips}

without further ado, the recipe, the secret to happiness.

red mango frozen yogurt

2 c. plain yogurt {greek style works best here}
1/2 c. or less sugar
1/8-1/4 tsp. xanthan gum {this prevents ice crystals and gives that smooth texture}
1/2 c. milk

mix all these together and pour into the ice cream freezer and freeze per directions... if you have a cuisinart like me just flip the switch and set the timer for about 25 minutes.

top with your favorite fruit, cereal, chocolate chips....whatever.

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mccall said...

What in the heck is xanthan gum? Where would I even find such a thing? I'm going to have to try this. However, why is it called Mango frozen yogurt? There is nothing mango about this, right?

stace said...

xanthan gum is a powder. i got mine in the organics/gluten free section at smiths market place. but it'd probably be cheaper/more available at whole foods.

and no there's nothing mango about the fro-yo, but it is really good with fresh mango on top! :)