salt lake temple

while family was in town over the weekend we spent a little time over at temple square. we didn't play things very smart and ended up getting over there just as the visitor's centers were closing...bummer! but we still got some nice pictures as we walked around.
i liked this one of my parents...i think it looks cool with just their shadows
we couldn't figure out why the far right tower had a blue-ish light at the top instead of a white one


Lexi and Quinn said...

Congrats to Chris on the white coat! Wish I could have been there! Have fun with school. - Quinn

Marci said...

Great photos! I love the one of your parents. Way to be artistic!

I heard you might be coming to Swiss Days! I hope you do - it is actually pretty fun! I am a big fan of Swiss Days and I don't really even like shopping. See you soon!

Jen said...

YO Stace! I had the best time having a girls only sleep over with you guys & getting to know you better. I'm glad you liked the insanity of Swiss Days. Next year I'll stay longer. Good luck to you both this year, getting through the first year of medical school!!!

Karen Brown said...

Cool pictures! Let me know when you are in town and I will come by and see your cute faces!!! Karen - Mom II

Melinda and Taylor said...

Hey guys! We want to add you to our list of readers for our private blog. Email me at melmeljones@gmail.com

Take care!

mccall said...

Hey, Staci! I'm so glad Jill told me you have a blog. You guys took some great pictures of the temple. That's neat that you were able to spend some time with your parents.