after what seemed like an endless road of applications and interviews, i finally got a call back from the university of utah health plan insurance company and i am the newest member of the enrollment coordination team! we've been in salt lake for a little over a month now and i was starting to feel very discouraged in my efforts to find a job. my goal was to become an employee in some aspect for the university of utah for several reasons:

1. tuition stipend {after one full year of work, chris will receive half off his tuition--that will end up to be almost $30,000!!!}

2. health insurance benefits {cheap and super good}

3. free UTA trax pass {chris has one too so we can go all over downtown and even ride the frontrunner to layton free!}

4. fitness and wellness membership at the U free

i had my first interview for the position last thursday and received a call-back for a second peer interview on friday. i had my interview yesterday morning at 8 am {yikes! i haven't been up and ready for the day that early in quite a while, i know it's embarrassing!} and i received a call around 3 in the afternoon yesterday from my new boss offering me the position. i was so shocked i asked what after he'd offered me the job. i was shocked not because i felt my interviews went poorly, but because i had absolutely no insurance experience and i knew that going into the interviews that that detail would be a major problem. it's such a blessing. i'm happy with the salary i'll be getting and the three other people i will be working in a team with seem like very nice and down to earth folks. i'm excited for this new adventure and i'm so happy that the search is finally over. thanks for everyone's help, support and prayers. they have definitely been answered and chris and i are so grateful!


Anonymous said...

Way to go girl - and DANG thoes are some kind of benefits! Glad to see you both on the road to greatness! Love ya! Karen

Sami said...

Yeah, Staci!! I am so excited something worked out!

jill langston kaufusi said...

Congratulations! You hit the jackpot!

Jen said...

Congratulations! Sounds perfect!

Jen said...

So do you know the c jane girl? I just saw her on the Today show yesterday. I'm SOOOOO glad that you got lots of tomatoes & peaches. You are welcome to come back to the weed garden anytime!!! Help yourself. I don't know what in the world I was thinking when I planted so much stuff. There is NO way I could ever keep up on all of that.

mike and maren said...

Yay, no more job searching! That is so great, you got the employment you wanted. I'm relieved for you.