good read

"i ran. a grown man running with a swarm of screaming children. but i didn't care. i ran with the wind blowing in my face, and a smile as wide as the valley of panjsher on my lips. i ran."
-khaled hosseini, kite runner
i finished an excellent book today. it had been on my book list since early june of last year. when it finally came available at the library, i was in a midst of tough fall classes and the twilight series. i turned down the hold at the library and needless to say, i forgot about kite runner. mike and maren began raving about this book one day and it sparked my memory, i knew i'd heard of the book before and it really piqued my interest again. i picked up a copy a couple weeks ago and have been reading it at a somewhat leisurely pace considering how i usually read books. i've come to sort of enjoy reading in bed before i go to sleep {i'm getting old i know this!} but i was always only getting in a few pages here and there. but finally, today i finished. i highly recommend this one. it's a little depressing but a very beautifully written and inspiring story about an afghani boy and his search for redemption.


The Original Fred said...

If you own the book bring it this weekend. I'd like to read it.

The Original Fred said...
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mike and maren said...

I was always curious about how the kites cut their fingers...I guess we fly the watered down version of a kite in the United Staes...I don't know.