good husband

our land lady left for salt lake on the 25th to get knee surgery. she told us she would be gone for the following 3 weeks and asked us to get her mail for her while she was away. the other night while we were lying in bed trying to go to sleep, we kept hearing these weird tapping noises upstairs. at first i thought it was just the heater vents being funny {sometimes they do that} but the sounds kept going even after the heater kicked off. i was super tired so i didn't really let it bother me but it started to sound like someone was trying to get in upstairs and not succeeding when all of the sudden they did get in and started moving around like crazy...chris said it sounded like people were moving furniture around. at this point i became very awake and chris decided to go upstairs and check things out. he went to the other room and i half expected him to come out with his pistol {he just grabbed a coat and shoes}. he climbed the stairs and went outside and i waited to see what i could hear. the doorbell rang and a friendly sounding woman answered the door...phew! when chris came back downstairs he said that it was our land lady's daughter and she couldn't find her key to get inside the house. talk about a heart attack! i was just glad that the hubs was around to make sure things were safe because i guarantee if i would have been alone i would have just locked myself in my room and slept with the light on.