ever since chris has worked in the OR at utah valley hospital, he has become a little more paranoid and concerned about health issues such as wearing seat belts, high cholesterol and obesity. every day he works he sees someone who's been in a terrible car accident or who is receiving open heart surgery because they are extremely overwieght and have high cholesterol. this has never been news to me. i always wear my seatbelt {all those red asphault movies from driver's ed scared me into it} and i try to keep my weight in check and eat foods that are good for me. since both of us have a history of high cholesterol in our families, chris wanted to get our blood checked so we can "see where we're at" {i know at 22 and 25, i didn't think we needed to be worried either}. well chris got his results thrusday and found out that he is on the high end of the cholesterol scale and almost out of range--at 25! i'm glad we got the test because now he sees how important it is to exercise and not eat everything in sight. but he also thinks now, that his "high cholesterol" is a valid excuse for everything. he told me about a shot that got swatted while he was playing in the rb and he blamed the fact that he got swatted on his high cholesterol. so much for change, now he just has excuses.