all-star dog

i wish i could have gotten a picture of the hotdogs chris and i ate tuesday night at the jazz game. around five tuesday night, one of the doctors chris works with called chris and asked him if he wanted to go to the jazz game {he apparently has season tickets and wasn't able to go to the game}. chris of course agreed {how could he not, right?} and we were headed up to the energy solutions arena not much long after. one of my favorite things about going to sporting events is the extremely overpriced yummy ballgame food. we got to the game minutes before tipoff and so we got in line at the chicago dog place. i was feeling super hungry so we both opted for the all-star "1/3 lb. footlong all beef hotdog" {of course with all the fixings: onions, tomatoes, peppers, pickles, and spicy mustard}. it was the best hotdog i've ever eaten and i'm a little embarrased to say that i finished the whole thing and then enjoyed some moosetracks ice cream at half time. but i figure, hey, other people are working out and burning calorie, so somebody needs to be making up for all those lost calories, right?