dinner with a doc

tonight chris and i are going to dinner with one of the anesthesiologists chris works with at the hospital. dr. martin and his wife just finished the residency process about six months ago and when they found out that chris and i were about to board the crazy train {med school}, they wanted to get together so that we could ask questions and especially so i could get dr. martin's wife's opinion and views on the whole thing so that i can feel a little more comfortable with the whole med school thing. i thought it was a very generous thing to offer and i'm very happy that i can get the chance to talk to someone who's just barely been through it all, because honestly i have no idea what to expect or what it will be like for the next 8+ years and sometimes when i start to think about it i get a little freaked out. it's been such a blessing for chris to have the job at the hospital because he's been exposed to some marvelous things and met some really great people in the medical profession that have just taken us under their wing and helped us accoplish so much. some of the things i'm hoping to learn from talking to the martins tonight include: kids with med school student dads, working moms, budgeting, student loans, support groups among med school wives, etc. hopefully we can get some good insight and get excited and not more scared!