biking to work

so i finally got out of bed in time to ride my bike to work. i headed off with my red messenger bag over my shoulder and my ipod shuffle jammin in my ears. all was going well until i approached the taco bell on center street. their sprinklers were on FULL BLAST and watering more sidewalk than grass. because i was riding on the sidewalk on the side of the street with traffic coming at me {i know i know} i couldn't just jump the curb and ride on the road, i would get hit! so i just barreled through hoping i would get wet...how dumb. not only did the sprinklers soak me from the waist down, they got me in the face, soaking my hair, glasses and shirt. luckily i am good at riding one handed now {thanks to spin classes} and i wiped my glasses off on my shorts, only to realize that it didn't do much good because my shorts were wet too. then when i got to work my boss didn't realize i was at work because my car wasn't in the parking lot and proceeded to frantically call my phone {which i didn't have because i forgot it at home}. only after 45 minutes did she come downstairs to ask where i was and found me sitting at my desk. phew. if you're looking for excitement ride your bike to work.


Dan and Kelli Wilkins said...

we've joined the club, here is our blog address.... dkwilks.blogspot.com

oh by the way, dan says sorry there wasn't more blood and guts in the movie breach (in the Pakistany accent)

miss you guys