silver lake flats

this past weekend we went camping with some friends in american fork canyon. we took the advice of some guys i work with and drove up to the top of the canyon where there's a lake and supposedly some great camping spots. when we arrived finally {after passing full campgrounds the whole way up} the parking lot was packed. there were people EVERYWHERE. it was almost 8 o'clock and we still didn't have a spot picked out, so we headed back down the canyon in hopes to find a spot before it got dark. about 5 minutes down the road we spotted a little turnoff with a trail head. chris decided to check it out. he ran about 50 yards down the trail and came back and said "this is the place". we all got out to take a look and decided that despite the old couple making out in their truck by our cars, the spot was perfect. we set up camp in a little spot over looking the entire canyon and we could see tribble fork reservoir below. we enjoyed shooting chris' 22, eating gretchen's tinfoil dinners, making s'mores around the fire and visiiting. we were a little wary to go to bed {a bear attack occured in american fork canyon about 2 weeks ago} we finally hit the sack. daylight found us still alive {thankfully} we enjoyed pancakes, eggs and sausage before we packed up camp and headed back to silver lake at the top of the canyon for a hike. we went on a pretty little hike {about 2-2.5 miles in} up to another lake. when we got there {much to our surprise} it was packed. boy scouts everywhere, throwing rocks into the water. we found a couple of large rocks right by the water and stuck our feet in while chris and jake skipped rocks and tried to get each other to swim across the lake naked {boys, honestly}.


Brandon the Great said...

Chris has a 22-rifle? Why did I not know this!