in this new schedule called studying for the boards, friday night after 6pm means date night with this fella:

it's 5:04 pm and i can't hardly wait. hurray for fridays.


Oldham Round-up said...

STACI...LOVE the hair cut.. you totally pull it off fabulously. Also I found out you know Natalie, her little brother just married my cousin, and they grew up in my same stake! Its a small world. I told her to tell you hello, and check in with you! She thinks the world of you as do I! Lucky her she actually gets to see you!

Quinn, Alexis, and Jayden Brown said...

oh girl how i wish we lived by each other. i know exactly how you feel. except when they have a monster test on monday, like quinn does today, and doesn't even give me friday night. one day school will be over and life will be different, stace. one day.