posts have been on the light latley, because, well folks. we're moving....again. we finally got into an apartment we've been on the waiting list for since the beginning of time {or just since we moved to SLC}. we're sad/thrilled/stressed/nervous/excited about this new venture but we figured that the pros way outweighed the cons. wish us luck as we pack and scoot ourselves up the hill. i'll probably be back sometime after DEC 12.


Kelli and Dan said...

I wish we were closer so that we could help, you know since we are pure muscle and all.

bec said...

I'm sure it will be great. You'll get to meet more people in the world, and the more people in the world that know the Thackers, the better.
Let us know when the big day is, We'd be happy to help. Brandon's parents love it when he hangs out over there.

bec said...

to clarify, "he" was suppose to be Calvin