i can't believe how slow i am at posting this. but two weekends ago {over mother's day} i went home for my baby sister's graduation.  i flew home and enjoyed warm weather, lounging by the pool, eating good food and just relaxing.  it was pure bliss... the only thing that would have made it better would have been if the husband could have joined me.

{my mom has made all of us a quilt as a graduation gift for our room away from home, chelsea's turned out pretty cute}


The Horners! said...

wait wait wait... that's not your baby BABY sister is it? Holy moly. She was just a little girl not too long ago when she came to visit you and slept over at good ol' Lib Sq. Beautiful girls!!!

mike and maren said...

That is one gaggle of girls! How fun - I hope you had a nice stay in AlbuQ.