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so this one goes...you write 3 things about what you were up to during each of the following times{20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago, 1 year ago, this year so far, yesterday, today, tomorrow, 1 year from now}

20 years ago:
1. was three years old
2. shared a room with my sister danielle in our house in rio rancho, nm
3. went to pre-school @ early learning preschool...it was the bomb.com

10 years ago:
1. was an awkward 7th grader
2. had braces and a funny hairut
3. played volleyball

5 years ago:
1. visited new york city for the first time
2. met chris when i moved into liberty square
3. ran my first marathon

3 years ago:
1. got engaged
2. spent a week in mexico with my family
3. got a real gym membership

1 year ago:
1. found out we were going to the U medical school
2. graduated from BYU w/a degree in exercise science
3. went on an amazing mediterranean cruise

this year so far:
1. attended my sister's wedding
2. started a new budget
3. made an attempt to get more organized

1. worked at both jobs
2. cleaned the kitchen
3. watched BYU get beat by the U....again

1. snoozed the alarm clock for 45 minutes!
2. ate a fettucine alfredo lean cuisine
3. went to a spin class at the gym

1. work both jobs
2. am getting my blood drawn
3. post some awesome stuff on ebay and craig's list

1 year from now:
1. have a baby {cross your fingers, say your prayers!}
2. be a proud owner of a mac desktop
3. be able to take fabulous photos

sweet. that was a little harder than i thought it would be. i tag kaitlyn h,becca m, sami j, and anybody else who'd like to join in.