anniversay & a jazz game

{okur and AK-47 going up for the block}

{williams looking for an open lane}

{lining up for a free throw}

i'm pretty much the best wife a guy could ask for....who else would get their husband jazz tickets for the night of their anniversary? just kidding. i love going to the jazz games especially when there's a dude with a cowbell and i get to enjoy myself a chicago all-star dog. {of course it helps when we win too!}

*we were sitting in the upper upper bowl {aka nose bleed section} those close-up shots we took with the zoom lens. pretty sweet if you ask me.


Quinn, Alexis, and Jayden said...

still jealous of your camera.
oh, and yes, you really are the best wife a guy could have. well...i guess i wouldn't know, but if i were a guy i would totally want to marry you. is that weird?

Quinn, Alexis, and Jayden said...

oh, and i hate to break it to ya...but that hot dog looks nasty.

mike and maren said...

I haven't been a craver of foods since being pregnant (so you know this is my true-self opinion) - however, that dog looks delish. AND, I bet you are so pumped about your camera. It's fun learning how to use all of the functions, and seeing progress in your photos. However, I think taking a class would be awesome. I wish I had!