sporting my race markings in front of the swim course friday afternoon.

saturday morning minutes before lining up at the dock
running up the boat ramp to the transition area after the swim...feeling good

getting all my gear for the bike portion...shorts, socks, shoes, gloves, helmet, water...sunglasses
biking out of the transition area...still feeling great

biking up to the transition area...not feelin so hot and definitely not looking forward to running

end of the run. my dad ran the last 3 miles with me. check out that grimace on my face. i was not a happy camper at this point. my body was DONE.

crossing the finish line...this is my sad attempt at raising my arms up in victory...pathetic.

bawling my eyes out in my proud husbands arms.


Kaitlyn said...

Congrats on finishing!!!! That is amazing, especially because you weren't feeling the best throughout it! Way to tri a new thing... I am sure you are stronger for getting out of your comfort zone.

And by the way, i have been meaning to ask you where you get all of your ADORABLE clothes?! You always have the cutest stuff on.... maybe it is a utah store, or maybe they have a website? thanks!

mike and maren said...

Way to go Stace - as I sit on my *** that is daily growing (ok, it's really my stomach) I read about you doing a triathalon and feel like the biggest slob on planet earth. Haha. How great that you finished even though it was so dang hard. Just know you are a much more actively motivated person than some people.... including me!

Jen said...

Nice job! I'm very impressed. Also, one day when I have money I'm going to have you take me shopping. You always look so cute!