maren and i posing before commencement

chris and i just after we were given our fake diplomas

my dad wanted a picture in front of the BYU sign

the jones fam

all the jones girls

thursday and friday was graduation. it was really a nice experience and i'm glad that chris and i were able to do it together. thursday was commencment with the entire graduating class of 2008 {there were over 6000 graduates} and we got to hear elder bednar speak. friday we had convocation with the college of life science. it was totally fun and worth it to walk together because the announcer was fantastic. every time there was a couple he announced the husband first and then the wife by saying for example..."christopher thacker....AND HIS WIFE! {with serious enthusiasm and excitement}...staci thacker majoring in exercise science..." for some reason i was nervous that they weren't going to announce my name or i wasn't gonna get recognized for graduating. but they did and i was recognized and chris and i even got to take a picture of the dean together. for all of you people out there who think you're too cool to walk you should really do it...it's worth it.


Melinda Jones said...

Cool. Very cool. Good for you guys. Also, have fun with the new car.

bec said...

I can't wait for Brandon to be all dressed up like you guys. You both look great!

mike and maren said...

freak, i am sad looking at those pictures and knowing the basement aparement across the street is empty!