leaving on a jet plane

well, today's the day. we are flying to seattle tonight for chris's final med school interview. he's been working like a mad man trying to prepare for this one. the university of washington is our top choice for school, and from what we've heard, the interview is not easy...at all. his friend mike, who is in his first year at university of washington said that after his interview he threw all of the uw information he had away because he felt it had gone so badly there was no way he was going to be accepted. so needless to say, it's been a tad stressful. this morning when i left for work in a snow storm i freaked out and almost booked an earlier flight so we would be able to leave. but the sun is shining and we're headed off this evening. chris has is interview thursday and then we have the rest of the weekend to explore what will hopefully be our new home! we're so grateful for everyone's prayers and love and support during this stressful time in our life.


bec said...

Chris will do great! I'm so excited for you guys to be chillin in the awesome Seattle area.

The Kaufusi Family said...

Good Luck Chris!!

Love you guys!

Dan and Kelli Wilkins said...

oh man chris, you better not screw this one up....no I am just kidding. we wish you the bestest of luck and you will be in our prayers and so will you stace! you are an awesome wife and friend. we can't wait til you guys make your way back up here.