bad board game player

being out of school for two weeks definitely has its advantages. i love playing board games like monopoly but i've been quieted in my excitement by my sister danielle. she is pretty much the queen of every single board game {i wrote once about being the queen of catan in settlers}. over the course of the few days we've been here so far, we have played probably half a dozen board games and she has completely dominated at every single one. being the competitive person i am, this has been a hard thing for me to swallow. but i guess i have to remember i can't win at everything.


bec said...

we played the new version of monopoly the other day, where everything is in millions. It was really fun. We played while watching the 3rd pirate movie. We had NO IDEA what the heck was going. And we have NO desire to sit down and try and see it again. Everything we saw was too bizarre.

Brandon said...

Your sister sounds a lot like me.