flag raising

every morning at 7:30 the flag at BYU is raised for the day and every afternoon at 5:00 it's lowered for the day. the national anthem is played over the loud speaker, but unless you are in the very center of campus, the flag is completely out of view and the anthem is only barely audible. however, even if people aren't even on campus yet and can hear the muffled notes of the anthem, people stop and face in the general direction of the flag. one time, i even saw someone stop halfway up the stairs on the way up to campus. i couldn't hear the anthem, so i know for a fact he couldn't {unless he had some sort of extra-sensory powers} i will always stop if i am in view of the flag, but i don't feel it's necessary, but stupid rather, to stop when you cannot see or barely hear. maybe i'm being an anti-patriot, but since people stop when they can't see the flag being raised here on campus, does that mean we need to stop at every instance we know a flag is being raised or lowered, because i think that would be a pretty daunting task. i know that the reason people stop every morning and evening on campus is due to the fact that this instance, like many others, stems from the fact the BYU students are here for one thing--to impress those of the opposite sex.