best decision ever

at the beginning of the semester i was enrolled in a classical civilization class to fulfill one of my generals. i ended up switching to another class {humanities of asia} that will complete my two remaining general requirements. it was pretty much the best decision i have ever made {well, maybe besides marrying chris}. not only is it approximately a hundred times easier than the previous class, it's a hundred times more interesting too. well, anyway, last week we had our first exam. since i already had 2 other important exams in other classes as well, i didn't study...at all. i read over my notes once and viewed the art and listened to the music once. our professor handed back the exams yesterday at the end of class. when she called my name, i braced myself, preparing for the worst. when i saw my score i was so excited i yelled out loud...yeah out loud {how embarrassing, right?}. staring back at me was my first ever perfect score on an exam in my BYU career. like i said, pretty much the best decision ever.


Lexi said...

quit being so modest...we all know that you're a genius. i'm sure you see perfect scores all the time. but congratulations anyway. :)