plum tree

for those of you who have been by our little place lately know what i'm talking about when i say PLUM TREE. our landlady has this plum tree that was no problem until it started growing massive plums. this caused the branches to sag and completely take over our front door and walkway to our apartment. i tried not to let it bother me, we did, after all, have free reign to as many plums as we wanted. but the plums have gotten ripe and now instead of bumping into a huge branch full of them, i have to dodge stepping on them as many have fallen off the tree. chris on the other hand, has not been so patient. as soon as the first branch started sagging from the weight of fruit, he started cursing the poor tree. at one point, before the fruit was completely ripe, he asked our landlady if he could trim the branches back so we could get to our front door without having to crawl. she wouldn't budge on the issue. she wanted to wait until the fruit was ripe before damaging the tree. well last night as we were leaving the apartment i was going to walk through the garage door {it was open} so i didn't have to make my way through a jungle of plum branches. chris insisted that i go through our front door. when i got to the threshold, i was shocked and amazed. i could breath and see more than 2 inches in front of me and i didn't have to duck. apparently the plums were finally ripe.