bridal shower

lex and i drove up to salt lake last night for angeli's bridal shower {this was number 3 of 5 (!!!)}. craig's sister-in-law sara put it on and it turned out really nice. the food was yummy {imagine chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and veggie platter, little lemon bars, mini eclairs and petite cakes, don't forget the sherbet punch!} it was fun to sit and chat with ange and her mom and dorothy, craig's mom, and sara the host {we didn't know anyone else}. sara also put together a cute "game" where she had video taped asking craig various questions about angeli {i.e. the names of both sets of grandparents, what she was wearing on their first date, where she went to elementary school, the names and ages of all her siblings, etc.} it was fun seeing craig answering those questions and telling the camera why he loved ange and why he wanted to marry her. after the video she opened her gifts and left mine and lex's for last. {don't know if this was good or bad because we definitely didn't get her something she had registered for!}


Lexi said...

hey, did you know quinn is getting sealed to his parents in the sl temple this weekend? cool, huh. anyways, just thought you'd like to know.
love ya,

Naylor Family said...

Hey Staci-
You've probably never heard of me, but I'm Shellee, I was friends with Chris, Quinn, Dan and Kelli back in High School. I had your blog website from your announcement, so I thought I'd check it out. You guys look so happy together! I'm so glad that you and Chris could find eachother. Is Lexi's sister Lyric Payne? Because if so, I worked with her down here in Arizona, small world! Check out my families blog at www.jsnaylorfamily.blogspot.com
I had tried to e-mail Chris but it got returned that his mailbox was full.