day twenty-two

day twenty-one {your current relationship}

though medical school is not over yet, we can see the silver lining and i'm happy to say that my current relationship with the hubs seems to have weathered the worst of it. we've been through a lot in the short and fast almost 5 years we've been married. we've had MCAT drama, infertility, three moves, STEP 1 drama, stressful rotation schedules, deaths, marriages, a new baby, applications.... and the list goes on. i'm grateful that i have had a great guy by my side to support me in all i do, and that i can hopefully be a support for him. our marriage isn't perfect, we obviously have our ups and downs like everyone, but through it all i can honestly say that i'm glad he's the one i landed and that we get to work at our relationship every day to try and make it better.