day twenty-four

day twenty-four {about your childhood}

whew, i've kind of fell off the wagon. but i'm determined to finish this thingy so here goes:

my childhood is filled with fun memories. like the winter it finally snowed enough for us to build a snowman. like the times we would jam to my parents top gun and dirty dancing records while jumping from couch to couch in our living room. like the hours my sisters and i spent out in the blue and white playhouse my dad and grandpa built for us. like the summer we filled up our pool for the first time, even though the water was 60 degrees we swam in it anyways. there were fun trips camping in the mountains of colorado, utah, idaho and new mexico. there were vacations to disneyland, lake powell and grandmas house. there were super cool birthday parties (like the time my parents threw me a surprise birthday party and we played bunco all night long) and memorable holidays (like the christmas we got a handmade barbie mansion). my parents wanted us to experience life to the fullest and i'm so grateful for that. they made us do hard things we didn't want to do, like learn to ride a bike or try to get up on waterskis, that we now thoroughly enjoy. all in all, i'm pretty lucky. i had parents who loved me and little sisters who let me beat up on them, it was a grand time, my childhood.