day fourteen

a sad attempt at a family photo in the mountains
my boys @ doughnut falls
stockton and me feeding the super aggressive geese @ sugarhouse park

day fourteen {things you love and can't live without}

::agua, water, the wet stuff. i can't get enough. i have always been a water hog, but add nursing to the mix? forget about it. i drink tons and tons
::sleep. obviously we all need sleep, but i literally cannot function without it. there were a few weeks/months where stockton was waking up every 1-2 hours during the night. i was a zombie! before the baby i totally slept for 8-10 hrs every night. is it terrible that i want to go to bed at 7 when we put stockton down so i can have more than 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep? yes i know. yikes.
::fresh fruits and vegetables. there is nothing like fresh strawberries in the spring, peaches in the fall, tomatoes right off the vine, corn on the cob, zucchini and fresh peas...yummy.
::washer/dryer, wait let me clarify, my washer and dryer (as in one no one else uses). in college while living at liberty square, which is coincidentally where chris and i met, i always washed my clothes in the laundry facility. i didn't have a car to drive up to my grandma's house on a regular basis and it's just what everyone did. well lets just say that someone else's unmentionables ended up with my clean clothes and i literally felt gross for weeks. it's stupid i know, but from then on, anywhere i lived it was essential to have one in the apartment. i'm spoiled i guess.
::tivo/dvr. i really don't know how we ever watched TV without this little contraption. what a novel concept, record a bunch of shows to watch later! it's completely awesome, mostly because the only shows chris and i can agree on (seinfeld and now modern family, which, on a side note is COMPLETELY HILARIOUS!) i really enjoy watching project runway, survivor and biggest loser (yes, i'm a complete reality TV junkie) and since those come one when chris is home at night, i just record them to watch when he's not around. perfect marriage saver, we never have to fight about TV!
::time together as a family. we went hiking thursday night after chris got off "work" and it was so nice. we have really played a lot this summer and it has been so fun to be able to go and do things together as a family and expose stockton to what we enjoy.
::sweets. this my friends is why i have to run and exercise. to feed my crazy sweet tooth. i usually always end up feeling crummy after eating too much good sweet food, but i. just. can't. stop! i love cupcakes, ice cream, brownies, cookies, pie, you name it i will eat it, by the bowlful.