cousin lovin

for most of the month of march, we were in boise doing part of chris' idaho rotations. he has a cousin, haidyn, who is 6 months older than him. for the majority of our time there, she totally loved being around him but was a little timid about touching him and mauling him like most little tykes are. we thought this would be a way to help her get over that.

they were both enjoying it for the most part. but we decided to switch roles, let stockton be the grown up--he is the boy after all. he didn't seem to like the arrangement to much
as you can see though, haidyn didn't seem to mind! she LOVES baby stockton.


Megan said...

So cute!! I love the baseball outfit! :) Too long since I've seen you guys in person!

maren sundahl said...

He is so adorable. Can't believe he's growing up so fast, especially when you look at the picture below in the BSU outfit. We miss you - hope things are going well!