playing in the snow

we got a package in the mail this week from grandma j. along with some sweet toys and socks, there was an awesome quilted one-piece snow suit for stockton. when we were out visiting the great-grandmas and great-grandpa in the basin this past weekend, we decided to take advantage of all the snow and test out the snow suit. we loved putting him in the snow and playing around for a bit, but stockton, as you can see, was bored by the idea and slept through the whole excursion.
making a snow angel with daddy


bec said...

aw cute! All three of you!

Quinn, Alexis, Jayden, and Owen Brown said...

oh my gosh i lOVE that last picture!!! stockton not only has the most adorable name, he also has the most adorable face!!! seriously! the cutest baby ever!!! when are we going to get to meet him?!!!