i'm quoted in the Mormon Times today about an activity chris and i have been planning. if you get the deseret news it's on the front page of the mormon times {an insert} if you're not a utahn go to mormontimes.com i said "cool" and they used it. the quote looks like a teenager spoke it. nice.


Quinn, Alexis, and Jayden Brown said...

well you're a really cool girl, staci thacker. ;) i think you sounded just fine. good luck with the activity and congrats on being famous.

Melissa Stringham said...

"I hope everyone has a good time at the celebration"...except you guys who won't be there!
Ha ha, nice work.

maren sundahl said...

Is that the building you attend your meetings in? It looks pretty cool, if so. (I skipped to the part where your quote was, so I didn't read the whole article..). I have a crying, teething kid that is taking up all my time today. How are things?? I haven't heard from you in a few weeks. I'm coming up in about 12 days or so.