wedding bells

i am feeling so bad that i'm so slow to post about this, but my cute sister danielle is getting hitched! she and aaron haslam will be married jan. 2, 2009 and we are so excited for them. they have known each other for years and his parents live less than a mile from mine...how crazy is that? i'm happy to have another married sibling and chris is excited to have another son-in-law in the family. danielle has asked that i do her centerpieces for the wedding. we're doing the glass cube vase arrangement similar to this one:

her colors are pink & brown, but she's not being picky about the flower colors. i'm super excited for the chance to get really creative and have lots of fun flowers to work with. i just gave my mom a list of the flowers that i thought would look good in the arrangements and she took off with it. but enough about that. yay for a wedding and the countdown is on.


Sami said...

I didn't even realize I left the glass and backing. I'll have to show you how I did the paper. How did yours turn out?

mike and maren said...

I bet you'll do a great job, I like the arrangement - pretty colors. Have you gotten an invitation to the shower next week? I hope they sent them out!

kaitlyn said...

that is so exciting! all grown up... i totally remember the haslams too, but they moved away and didn't move back until after we had moved.

good luck with the arrangements! i wished they had offered classes like that at western. i guess that is what i get for going to a non-church school. ahhhhh!

Julie said...

hey! we need to have another game night!