still good in the world

everyday i walk the 5 blocks to work. at first i was a little wary to walk, what with all the crazy wierdos i see every time i leave the house here in SLC. but i figured it was a good way to get some movement into my day what with being at a desk 40+ hours a week. the first time i walked i spotted this on the sidewalk and couldn't resist taking a snapshot:

trust jesus. what a sweet little tender mercy on my way to my most favorite place on earth {can you sense the sarcasm?} when i pass this little phrase on my way to work each morning i know that although i'd much rather be at home with a baby {like many of my new friends are} doing something that will hopefully better society, i'm doing what i'm supposed to be doing right now. i'm grateful for whoever was brave enough to break the law and "graffiti" the sidewalk.


Megan said...

Staci, I totally know what you mean! My first month walking to the train for work, it seemed I couldn't go one day without a homeless guy approaching me, or some old guy whistling, sneering, etc. I totally know what you mean!