stress + sun = leprosy

this is probably the worst case of herpes simplex my poor little face has seen in YEARS. and it actually looks pretty good today {after two days of miserable swollen and white pussy grossness}. the combination of sun burn at gooseberry mesa last weekend and the stress of finals, moving etc. does not yield a very lovely thing. thanks to my loving family for giving me this happy little disease.

{p.s. chris thanks you too because before he met me, he didn't have the privelage of these little darlings}


LeeAnn said...

I'm so sorry about your awful cold sore, I feel your pain since I have had one under my nose for two weeks now. I'm even taking bruce's high powered herpies pills and it still won't go away. Soooorry!

Derek & Andra said...

That sucks i am really sorry. i have never had one of those before but according to my mother they are something terrible.

The Original Fred said...

Don't blame your Mom and I neither of us have ever had one of those monsters.