gooseberry trip

tomorrow we embark with our favorite group ever {a.k.a. mtn biking class} to st. george for a weekend excursion on gooseberry mesa. even though camping+mtn biking = pure delight there's one problem...ridiculous t.a.. i'm hoping we can both make it through the weekend without saying things to him that either one of us will regret later on. chris is hoping he finds reason to say something. just kidding. the weather is supposed to be in the mid 80s so that will be fantastic seeing as i was wearing a wool coat today. we'll update you on the fun factor of the trip with photos when we return.


Jill Langston Kaufusi said...

I have a feeling you and the T.A. will become best friends because you'll find out something about each other that will give you common ground and feel bad for all the times you didn't like him.

That's just how all the kid shows end these days.

Melinda Jones said...

I know that I should say that everything will be hunky-dory and that I am sure that you guys will take the higher road when the TA gets impossible and all of that jazz, but can I tell you that I am secret hoping that when you return there will be a juicy and hilarious blog entry perhaps similar to the scene on the "Parent Trap" when the girls ransack their enemies' cabin and cover it in string, honey, and egg shells?...Chris, if you want any other suggestions on how to spice up the trip, I am sure that Taylor and I can come up with some pretty good ideas! p.s. I have to tell you that the little pjs that you gave us for Jackson are to DIE for, I absolutely love them and I thought of you guys as I had Jackson wearing them. They are so fun. Ok, sorry for this epic response. Good luck on the trip!

Brandon said...

Just don't say or do anything that I wouldn't say or do. And remember to always keep your cool in frustrating situations like I do.