deer steak

last night we had some friends get together for a bbq in the park. chris has been looking for an excuse to grill up some of the deer meat from the bambi he shot back in october. i've been very anti-deer partially because venison doesn't really sound very appetizing to me, especially since i saw the whole process first hand. i saw it alive, saw it dead...{i'll spare you all the gory details, but you get the idea}. eating this meat that had been sitting in our freezer for the winter was the last thing i wanted to do. so chris defrosted the bag of meat and prepared it for grilling. surprisingly all our friends tried it and a few of them even really enjoyed it...thank goodness we can pawn the rest of the meat off to them! chris tried his darndest to get me to try it, but i was being stubborn and got through the night without tasting it at all.

{don't worry, chris' deer wasn't that big, we saw that buck in durango, co on our honeymoon. we must have sat and watched it for at least 2 hours...i'm not gonna lie, i was a little worried that someone could be so fascinated with an animal, i had no idea...}


Kaitlyn said...

venison is sick! good for you for sticking to your guns... haha. I have seen the whole process too and then tasted it at the end, i barfed after.

Chris said...

I am so sure it was TWO hours, and there were a lot more than just that one. This is what i like to call Staci OVER-EXAGGERATING. And for the record my little bambit that I killed last fall was like twice this big! ....ok maybe not twice as big.