by the end of next week, chris and i will know where we will ultimately spend the next 4 years of our lives. i seriously never thought the waiting game would end, and here it is, on the horizon--literally. whether we end up moving to milwaukee, moscow, or salt lake, i know i will be thrilled, but i'm starting to get very nervous about the two letters that are upcoming here in the next few days. every time i get home and i know the mail is still in the mail box i get a terrible case of the butterflies. everyone familiar to the acceptance game knows that big envelope=good, little envelope=bad, so every day i open the mail box and see no big size envelope i get really scared. chris tells me i'm getting my hopes up for no good reason. maybe that's true. i know that if we end up in milwaukee that's where we are supposed to be. but that definitely doesn't stop me from wanting to stay here. and it definitely doesn't stop me from laying in bed awake all night wondering what's gonna happen and being nervous for something i have absolutely no control over. i'm hoping for a big envelope with a big red U on the front, chris on the other hand says he is happy no matter what, but we all know what he wants to see--UW. so here's to a few more days of that agonizing waiting game...and don't worry people, we'll let you know when we know.


bec said...

I bet you'll get a huge envelope to both schools- but then you'll have to stress over picking the right school. Which will be Utah of course, because otherwise we will miss you way too much.

Kaitlyn said...

Have you figured out where you guys are going yet? I, of course, am partial to the UW because I absolutely LOVE washington. I think you guys would love it too, plus then we could get together! good luck with your decision!