...the old man is snoring

sometimes i really hate living in a basement {ok, i hate it all the time}. but yesterday i was hating is more than usual. when we got out of church the sun was shining and it was very pleasant out--not too hot, not too cold. chris and i decided that we'd spend two hours working on a letter to send to UW to help his chances of getting in and then take our bikes out for a stroll. it was all i could do to stay focused for two hours. i love sunday bike rides and we haven't been out in what feels like forever. so we finally get the letter finished and head up the stairs to grab our bikes and head outside. we open the door to pouring rain. cats and dogs rain. seriously. so we drove up to sundance instead. the good thing about driving up there was we saw a moose on the way home.


The Kaufusi Family said...

I was really wishing that this story was about an old man snoring. Like Chris. My wishes NEVER come true!!