found: a new gem

after being around provo for 4 years {holy cow!} the places that we enjoy eating at get old. but last night some great friends of ours took us to a place that has been right under our noses. thai ruby is just a block south of campus and has some of the best thai food i've ever had. last summer, i took chris to a thai place by our house and the food was good but not great, and it left chris not convinced of thai food. i've always loved thai and was kind of disappointed that he didn't share the same feelings. with some gentle coersion from mike and maren {our friends}, we found ourselves at thai ruby. they apparently frequent the little place so much that maren has gone for cooking lessons to learn some of the cuisine. the food was very tasty and authentic and now has chris converted to the fantastic world of thai food.


Chris said...

Twas fantastic! Thanks Mike and Maren.