sleep talking

ever since i was young i have had random episodes of sleep talking. it usually happens after watching a crazy movie or when i'm really tired or have a lot on my mind. this morning when chris left for work, he asked me if everything was alright because i had been freaking out about something in the middle of the night. i remember having to go to the bathroom really really bad and i was panicked in my dream because i couldn't find a bathroom that was open. apparently i had been screaming to chris about being able to find a bathroom and when he would tell me we only had one bathroom i wouldn't accept that and kept saying how these guys were working on it and we couldn't use it. then he said all of the sudden i threw all the covers off the entire bed {his side included} and stormed out of the bedroom, flipping ever light on in the apartment on my way to the bathroom. {i remember going to the bathroom and turning on one light, not 5} and then he said i left them on and was still asleep. he kept asking me if everything was alright and i just kept going on about not knowing if i could use the bathroom. he said i was really angry. i don't know why i didn't wake up or why i acted that way. i sometimes get mixed up between dreams and being conscious because last night i knew i was awake but i wasn't out of my dream yet...weird.