med school update

we've seriously been so blessed these past few weeks as far as medical school stuff goes. chris's final MCAT score was released the first week of september. we were pleased with it because it was his best score and a very even score as far as the sections go. our first exciting news was his interview invite to utah the week after his scores were available. every week since then so far we've had an invite from another school. so far here's the lineup:
OCT 18 university of utah
NOV 2 medical college of wisconsin
NOV 13 georgetown university
NOV 14 george washington university
every time we get an email with an invite, i get so excited and chris has to quickly remind me that an interview doesn't necessarily mean that we get accepted. they say, however, that if you do get an interview you narrow your chances from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 100 {i guess that's good}. we were just hoping to get 1 or 2 interviews and now that he's already gotten 4 i feel good about our chances. chris really worked so hard on his application and every aspect of the process so far i finally feel like it's paying off. back in may when we were working on his personal statement for his main application, he spent all day working on it and then we would spend hours each night revising and changing things. after about a week straight of it, i was getting pretty frustrated. {honestly, how hard could it be to make a good essay, right?} i am so glad that chris was persistent and focused as he put his application together because i think that is a large part of the reasons he's been invited to the schools he has been invited to. although his grades are good, his MCAT is average {good, but not outstanding} and having a really good application on paper {through his personal statement, activities, service etc.} makes him a very competitive candidate. we appreciate everyone's prayers. i can't stop thinking about how blessed we are.


bec said...

I'm still praying for Udub