guys and decorating

i guess i always just assume that guys have the same ideals/philosophies about various aspects of life. in this assumption, i found out, i am totally wrong. they don't. not even close. here's a few examples of late that we've experienced in our family
1. since i've been loving fall so much lately, i wanted to spruce up the dungeon {aka our basement}, with some cute fall decor. so while i was at the grocery store i picked up a couple bags of candy corn and other fall wrapped candies. i think candy corn looks super cute in a large vase or glass bowl. so i put the candy corn in this glass dish i have and put it on our coffee table as a centerpiece. when chris got home from work the first thing he says is "why did you spend money on candy corn, it's disgusting!" when i told him i had bought it for decoration, he pretty much thought it was the dumbest idea ever. "besides, it's ugly!"
2. our living room is what i like to call an extra wide hallway. it's not a square shape like most rooms, but rather a long skinny rectangle. we currently have our two couches against the long walls and the television in the corner. we have tried several configurations but with our coffee table, couches, end table and rug, it just looks more aestetically pleasing with both couches facing each other. chris' problem with this one? he has to turn his neck to watch TV. i'm thinking, big deal, right? the room looks WAY better the way i have it set up. but all the guy can think about is craning his neck 45 degrees to see the television.
even though chris disagrees with me on several aspects of decorating, i always end up getting my way {which is probably why i assumed he thought the same as me in the first place}


Brandon said...

Hilarious blog! But I am going to have to somewhat agree with Chris on the first one. Candy corn is disgusting but it is a classic fall candy if your into that kind of thing. Personally I think you should just fill all 3 sections of your candy dish up with the reeses peanut butter cups. They are WAY better and I pretty much ate the whole middle section of them on my own last Saturday.