the utes

after chris received his recent MCAT score {his best yest} he was finally able to submit his full application to all of the schools he applied to this past monday. thursday while i was at work i get a call from chris saying that he had been invited to have an interview with the university of utah school of medicine. i was so excited i could hardly stand it. chris was so nervous he could hardly stand it. when i got home to congratulate him, he reminded me not to get my hopes up that in no way does an interview guarantee that we get in. i simply told him that i was going to get my hopes up anyway and if that meant he had to console me if we didn't get in there, that was just part of the process. he interviews on october 18 which is a little over a month away. we have a lot of prepping to do in the mean time and we sure appreciate everyone's prayers and support as we go through this crazy little process.


Brandon said...

I might think differently of Chris if he goes to the U. But then again it would be great to have a valiant cougar fan who can qualify to sit in the U of U student section wearing all blue and heckling the Utes. It might be dangerous, but defintely worth it.

bec said...

That is so great! I am like Staci, I definitely have my hopes up for you guys

Lexi said...

chris is so smart and well prepared that i think the schools are going to be fighting over him. he'll probably have his pick...and i really think you guys should stay in the west, preferably las vegas.