{singing twelve days of christmas} on the fourth day of our mexico trip the excitement brought to us...twelve different jungle zip lines! okay enough singing. this was by far our favorite excursion of the trip. we took a 45 minutes van ride to the middle of the jungle. i was a little nervous by our driver and the road conditions {think huge rocks in the road and piles of dirt being moved by excavators and our driver swerving in and out of the way} also mexican roads are very narrow and we passed many a semi truck while en route. yikes! once there we signed in, put our stuff in lockers and were given a harness, helmet and pair of gloves. we walked a little ways and then were instructed on the basics of zip lining. {chris and i kinda missed that part.} we then climbed some stairs that were attached to a tree and began the zip line tour. we went on twelve different ziplines through the jungle and we were in the trees the entire time. chris and i even got to hang upside down on one of the lines. i think part of what made it so perfect was that it was raining and the humidity was gone and also the lines were going much faster because they were wet. once the zip line tour was over we hopped on mountain bikes and rode about a mile or so to a cenote. because the yucatan is all sand stone, when it rains the water makes natural little puddles. eventually these all connect to make huge giant swimming pools. this cenote was very deep {the shallowest spot was 8 feet deep} and had a few great cliffs to jump off along with a zip line you could ride and then jump off into the water. it was spectacular. after swimming we went back and ate lunch before they drove us back to our hotel.


Chris said...

Wow, i look fat! thanks honey for posting these pictures of my ever growing physique.