segunda dia

monday we embarked on an "excursion" to La Isla de Mujeres {the island of women}. we were a little disappointed with this excursion because the travel agent talked up how great the snorkeling was and that it would be a snorkeling trip. we spent a grand total of 20 minutes snorkeling and we had to wear life jackets and follow the leader. the water was fairly foggy and cloudy because of the hurricane but we did see a couple of sting rays and a few colorful fish. we also got to snorkel around a tank full of bull sharks. that also was pretty cool, except for the cloudy water. chris made sure to let everyone know when a shark passed by whispering "there's a shark" into his snorkel tube. after snorkeling we scarfed down some lunch and a few pina coladas and then boarded a ferry that would take us to the pueblo {town} at the center of the island. we browsed around town looking for souvenirs {i wanted to get a couple of plates and a necklace} we ended up buying a pair of pants for chris so we could eat in the fancy restaurant at the resort instead.

chris and i pre-snorkel on the bus ride to the ferry dock

ferry ride to the pueblo