getting psyched

today was the day. and boy was it great. although this morning at 4:30 when my alarm went off i was not very excited. due to some hotel complications and a late dinner up in layton, i didn't hit the sack until after 11 pm. when i got out of bed i felt like my chicken scampi was still sloshing around in my stomach and the garlic was a very prevalent taste in my mouth. i put on my gear and sweats, packed my pre-race backpack, did my hair, brushed my teeth and ran {well not yet} out the door. becca and i waited in the dark parking lot to board one of the yellow school buses that would transport us to the start line. the whole ride up i was feeling sick to my stomach and worried that i would have to stop or that i wouldn't have good run. but when we got to the start line and it was the same place that i had started my 10-mile run the week before i was a little comforted. as we waited in the cold dark park for the start to come, my nerves calmed as we talked about what was to come. i was starting to get excited and ready to conquer. just before the start becca decided to head to the long line that would get her into the potty. i decided to go wait by the starting line and before i could even figure out what was going on the gun had sounded and runners were off, but still no sign of becca. i waited for a few minutes and watched as the starting line began to empty. then my phone rang. it was chris wanting to know if i had started yet. {maybe he didn't realize that if i had started i wouldn't have answered the phone} when i told him the situation he told me to get going! {loudly into the phone} i took one last helpless look back toward the potties for becca and splayed out my white trash bag with my name written on it for her to put her sweats in and headed off down the trail. i was psyched and ready to rock and roll.


bec said...

If only I was a boy, I could have just gone in the bushes.