i just finished reading harry potter and the deathly hallows yesterday afternoon. boy oh boy was that one a page turner! for the first time during the series, i have not been around a bunch of HP lovers and i didn't feel like i had to hurry and finish the book to feel like i was part of the "cool crowd" but i still hurried and finished because it was simply amazing. lots of great intense action and lots of just plain harry potter greatness. people ask me why it's so great and i really have no answer. between the amazing characters, enthralling plot, superb action....i could go on and on. i sat on the phone with my little sister mckenzie for almost 20 minutes recounting our favorite parts. she listened to the book on cdand told me she spent at least 10 hours a day listening. can you believe that??? she finished the 760-page book in 3 days. i finished in 4. i love reading a great book, but it's also sad when you finish. i always feel like "well, what am i gonna do now?" and i usually have to take a little break before starting a new book because i have a hard time getting out of the groove of the previous book and into the groove of a new one. i'm just really kind of bummed that i have no more harry potter book releases to look forward to. but i have to say, that ole' j.k. rowling did a superb job of putting the series to rest. i wouldn't have wanted it any other way.