half marathon

so i registered back in april for a half marathon. i was excited at the prospect to get back into running and get serious about training for something again. but let me just tell you that when the temperature doesn't get below 100 until after 9 at night, it gets a little discouraging. i have also been experiencing some serious potty issues on my runs {i'm told this is normal, but i've never experienced it like this before}. so i've been clocking between 5 and 10 miles a week and the race is in a month {yikes!}. i've gotta get serious here. the past two days i've set my alarm for 5:30 so i can run in the morning before work so that a) its not so hot and b) i'm not completely beat. but alas, the past two days my alarm goes off and i turn it off and lay in bed until 6:45...i know i know! i'm so lazy. i'm going running tonight...i hope!