crazy man in sacrament meeting

one of the girls in chris' sunday school class gave a talk on sunday. in the middle of her talk, her grandpa {i have no idea how old he is but he was walking very slowly and had very white hair} comes up to the stand and puts his arm around his granddaughter. at first i thought this was a little interesting but cute nonetheless. at the end of her talk, the grandpa said he wanted to say something and proceeded to go on for 10 minutes telling stories about WWII and nonsense that had nothing to do with the girl's talk. pretty soon the granddaughter whispered "that's enough grandpa" but since she was in front of the microphone, everyone in the audience heard and started to laugh. the grandpa then said, "well, i guess i better be done then," and stepped down. just before he was about to sit down he said {loud enough so that everyone could hear} "i just had to get in on all the action!" everyone laughed. for as long as i have been going to sacrament meetings, i have never seen someone do that before. it was hilarious. when i told chris he said, "cool stuff always happens when i'm gone!"


bec said...

that's hilarious. There was an old guy at the ward camp out that told Brandon for the talent show he was going to tell a story about a guy he knew that was excommunicated. Luckily, he didn't really do it.